We introduce ourselves!!

Mr. Giuseppe D’Onofrio and his heirs Michele and Mariagrazia  

The company covers an area of 30.000 m2 including warehouses, resale, offices and a large show room.


The Family and its team have always pursued the goal of improving the company and its services.The company, thanks to its large extension, is able to market many products of different brands so to satisfy all needs of its customers.

The company was founded in 1963 in Via Guglielmo Marconi 214 and subsequently moved to the commercial zone of Bonefro, its current seat. The company strengths are several, i.e. raw material, iron, wood, merchant bars, cement and derivatives, bricks, bituminous sheaths, thermal and acoustic insulations for roofs and walls, plumping materials and hardware.




Talent behind reputation

Your timeless, efficient and elegant projects.

Seriousness and fairness in terms of sale distinguishes our company that since over fifty years still continues to improve and to invest for its sterling reputation, trying to expand more and more its range regarding services and rapidity.


Professionalism, expertise, experience and kindness: these are the main qualities that F.lli D’Onofrio offers steadily to its customers.


Our qualified staff, always available, will help you to choose materials according to your needs.


Innovation and latest-generation materials to realize your ideas

Kindness and customer care have always been our guiding principles.

Thanks to a wide range of high quality products, the company is able to satisfy successfully any type of need and request.

Our customer doesn’t buy, he chooses!

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